This charity has been set up to help a very keen and deserving British student to pursue a five year Dental Course to gain the qualification of BDS at King's Dental School and Hospital in London. He comes from a very financially compromised family. Because this is his 2nd degree he is not eligible for Tuition Fees Grant or Student Loan. He will qualify for the NHS Bursary in the Final year and so we need to raise £36,000 @£9,000/year.

Of this, Dinesh Jani has personally have pledged £9000 for one year.

With the help of various people putting their hands in their pockets and coming up with whatever they can, we can collectively help this young person achieve his ambition and get a person to be on his feet. There can be no greater Charity than helping a person to get to a stage whereby he can stand on his feet doing what he yearns for.


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