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Download the latest 2010 AOG Connect journal (PDF - 2mb)

AOG 2010 (2MB)
  Annual Magazine

The 2010 and a selected number of past magazines are available as PDFs by clicking the covers.

The magazines are PDFs and you will need a PDF Reader to view them. A free PDF reader is available from Adobe.

To download the magazines to your computer, right-click on the links and select "Save Target As..."

AOG 2000 (1.3MB)
  AOG 2001 (1.3MB)
  AOG 2005 (1.0MB)
  AOG 2006 (1MB)
AOG 1999 (1.2MB)

If you would like to contribute articles for the magazine, please contact us.


Please note that in the 2005 AOG Journal, the name of the author for the article "How Necessary are Apicetomies and how well do they work?" was accidentally missed out. The AOG would like to apologise to Nelson Poon who wrote this excellent article and are grateful for his contribution.