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Our aim is to bring together profession as whole. To provide the framework for all in the care the profession of Dental Care to engage, to learn from each other and support our ethos "towards greater good"

The AOG is a welcoming group and a magnet for like-minded dentists. It is dedicated to improving all aspects of the profession of dentistry. The organisation aim is to provide a platform to support our professions' drive to improve. As a professional organisation, it remains steadfastly apolitical.

Everyone is welcome and everyone is equal.Its strap line reflects its ethos 'Towards the Greater Good'.

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Pomi Datta

"It gives me great pleasure to accept the role of President of the AOG for 2016. I qualified in Liverpool in 1987, and having been in the field for the past 30 years some of you will know me from my work with the LDC's, or Dental Foundation Training, and many of you won't know me at all !

Times are changing in this technological age where there is no shortage of information. However, what is and will always be missing is the wisdom that comes with experience. It is my belief that the AOG can provide a forum upon which this essential dimension of dentistry can be addressed.

I would like my term in presidency to be about making the AOG as relevant in the future as it has been in the past. It is my intention to appeal to dentists across the spectrum of age, ethnicity and professional standing .......... bringing in new blood and connecting with the next generation of brilliant dentists . Let's bring together the young future thinkers and innovators who will shape the future face of dentistry.

It's time for us to do what we did best at the beginning. Let us continue to develop networking to support and aid each other and to provide a forum for mentoring and leadership of the next generation......... to be there for each other and at the heart of it all, let's have fun and do good in our communities.

I'd like to invite you to take part in relaunching our organisation towards new horizons.
Come join me this year so we can make it about YOU."

Jayesh Patel
President of the AOG
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The AOG UK is a non-profit organisation. The AOG trust is a registered charity that supports many good causes internationally. Your contributions are used "towards greater good". Our dedicated charity pages allows our members to visit, donate and also help by donating their time and expert skills to help the less fortunate.

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